(ANSWERED) Dawn Stone Locations?

I want to know when I can evolve Kirlia. I know Helios city is one place but I don’t know how late into the game that is or if there’s any other locations.

Helios City has the third 3rd gym. Your Pokemon should be well into their 40s by the time you get there.

The only other location where you can find Dawn Stones is Miara Town, but that’s after Helios City.

Wow, level 40 at the third gym? That’s really surprising.

Well, it’s not really surprising for me. By the first gym, just for the sole fact that you’ve already had quite a bit of training in 2 or 3 routes (I haven’t counted) and 2 caves, your team is already going to be pretty highly leveled, mostly in the low to mid 20s. Just for this fact alone, I’m not that surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised if my pokémon were level 80 by the last gym.

I mean, I’d hope so, as that gym is about that level.

Can’t say I’m surprised.

Also I like how his question was about the location of the dawn stones but we’re talking about the recommended level of your pokémon at the individual gyms.

The level cap is also 120 in insurgence