Another IV modification(s)

If this game already have IV Stone, which makes selected IV to be 31, I think it will be easy to implement some other IV changing methods. For example, 0 IV, 1 IV, and 30 IV.
0 IV is needed for some special attacker to avoid Foul Play and to maximize Gyro Ball’s power.
1 IV is needed for the same reason as 0 IV, but also can be selected if some Hidden Power element is wanted.
30 IV is also needed for Hidden Power element.

Just so you know, in Pokemon zeta and omicron (thesuzerains last game) there was an IV changer in the final final area that could change a Pokemons IVs to 30. So yeah, this is possible, and seems like a good idea.

Honestly the IV changer should be that you can choose the EXACT number of IV’s you want in the chosen stat, even random numbers like 9 13 or 23 or something? idk lol

Choosing exact number of IV will be good too.
However, considering Hidden Power, there are only some combinations of useful number of IV.
0 -> lowest stats which ignore Hidden Power
2 -> lowest stats which considering HP damage and element
3 -> second lowest stats which considering HP damage and element
30 -> second highest stats which considering HP damage and element
31 -> highest stats

If anyone else found another useful IV, please reply.

Maybe if you could use the IV stone to change the IV to any useful IV?