Announcing the public beta for the battling simulator

This is still in public beta, so while hopefully stable, errors and crashes might still occur. Please report any issues you encounter on the bug tracker.

The current release includes the following:

  • Insurgence Deltas
  • Insurgence Megas
  • Insurgence Armoured Pokemon

Content is limited to 1.1 content for now, announced 1.2 content will be added later on.

The simulator contains two different format styles. The first is the standard Smogon tiering formula, using tiers like OU, Uber etc. The second format is a PBV based system. This system assigns a value to each Pokemon, where the added value of your entire team may not exceed a set value.

The simulator uses this forum to log in, so if you have a verified account on here, you will be able to log in.

We hope you have fun with it!


Spiritomb is missing phantomforce