Ancient Ball?

Ok, so is the Ancient Ball only for like, certain legends or is the fact that they aren’t shaking at all on Latios just my luck?

They should work for all legends, but I’m pretty sure their catch rate isn’t amazing. Like it’s probably a 2.5x or 3x catch rate.

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ancient ball is good for catching legendaries. but usually i throw snore ball to put the pokemon to sleep then throw ancient ball. but i think heavy ball is better when catching heavy legendaries in my opinion

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Thanks for the help. And I guess it was just my luck. It only took 12 Ancients while Heatran previously took 32 Ultras. Then again, that could just be luck of the draw.

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I caught Heatran with one Heavy Ball. I didn’t weaken it either. wut.

I just checked the wiki, they say 8x on legendaries and 1x on everything else

after 4 and half years i dont think he needs this answer anymore