Ancient Ball on Pokemon Page

I’ve just captured Giratina using an Ancient Ball. It was very difficult with only two Ancient Balls but I felt like a Legendary Pokemon of Giratina’s calibre is such a big milestone in the game that it deserved to be caught in an Ancient Ball instead of an Ultra Ball. However, when I look at Giratina, the Ancient Ball doesn’t show in the corner of it’s page. Why is that?

A bug. I believe it’s graphic is within the game files, but just isn’t being read (most likely due to a typo in the code.)

Can you fix it? I know it’s not really worth fixing but I caught Giratina in an Ancient Ball as a sign of respect for it. Maybe I should have done the same with Mew, but that Pokemon is, from a certain point of view, your Starter since it’s been following you since the beginning of the game, even before you get your official Starter from Professor Sylvan. Putting Mew in an Ultra Ball is just making it’s capture official.

If it’s misspelled, I don’t know what you have to rename the graphics file to. Also if you’re saying that as if you’re asking me to make a patch to fix it, I’m not a developer, just a moderator. There’s supposedly an upcoming patch which may possibly fix it.

Also the mew you fight and can catch is a different mew from the one you started out with.

King Vesryn specifically refers to Mew as “an old friend”, so as far as the game’s story goes, it’s the same one who saved the protagonists backside from Persephone. Maybe it went into the Pokepon and got it’s nature changed, but it’s still the same Mew.

You’re probably right. I remembered this post from a while ago and thought 1ofthe4rocketbros (a developer) was referring to both story and gameplay wise. It’s probably only different in terms of story.