Analyzing Delta Noviern

Since I just finished analyzing D. Aurorus which functions well in the sun, I thought, why not cover another Delta Pokemon that works in the sun. Let’s get right into it!

Typing: Grass/Steel typing is super good… (think of Ferrothorn). It gets resistances to Normal, Rock, Steel, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Dragon, and Fairy, as well as an immunity to Poison. However, it is 4x weak to fire (which can be bad, especially on a fire team) and weak to fighting.


  1. Flower Gift - During harsh sunlight, it increases the Attack and Special Defense stats by 50% for allies and itself. This ability is SUPER useful on any sun team as it can be set up well.
  2. Solar Power - During harsh sunlight, it increases its Special Attack by 50%, but loses 1/8 of maximum HP each turn. This ability could boost its Special Attack to around 550 which is super good, but it does come at a cost. I would always go Flower Gift but it could be viable.
  3. Chlorophyll - During harsh sunlight, its Speed stat is doubled. I personally don’t think this is that good as it can basically outspeed any nonboosted Pokemon in OU.

Base Stats:
HP: 85
Atk: 70
Def: 80
SpA: 97
SpD: 80
Speed: 123

It has decent defensive stats in 85/80/80, but coupled with a good defensive typing is good. It also pretty good Special attack in 97. However, this would be better on its Attack as you would want to use that with flower gift. It’s best stat by far is speed, which is simply amazing.


For Attack moves, it gets Iron Head and Petal Blizzard. It gets some pretty good coverage moves in Earthquake, Stone Edge, Shadow Claw, Brick Break, and most importantly, U-Turn.

For Special Attack moves, it gets Solar Beam/Energy Ball and Flash Cannon for STABs. It gets decent coverage moves in Heat Wave, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, and Boomburst which can hit through substitutes.

For Status moves, it gets Roost / Synthesis (which heals 2/3 HP in Sun) which are good healing moves. It also Growth which is FANTASTIC in Sun. Grass Whistle is super risky but could be used with Hone Claws. It also gets Tailwind and Stealth Rock which can always be helpful.

Now, let’s get into the sets.

Flower Passer

Delta Noviern @ Choice Band
Ability: Flower Gift
Adamant / Jolly Nature
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Speed

  • Petal Blizzard
  • Rock Slide / Iron Head
  • Earthquake
  • U-turn
    The basic idea for this set is to U-turn into another Pokemon as it will carry the 50% Attack and 50% Special Defense boost.
Sun Sweeper

Delta Noviern @ Life Orb / Focus Sash /
Jolly Nature
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Speed

  • Growth
  • Petal Blizzard
  • Earthquake
  • Stone Edge
    Setting up Growth in Sun allows its Attack to go up by 2 and combined with Attack, it basically goes up by 4 stages. I was thinking maybe putting more defensive EVs on the set. U-turn could also work.
Sun Claws

Delta Noviern @ Life Orb / Choice Specs
Ability: Flower Gift
Timid / Modest Nature
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Speed

  • Hone Claws
  • Iron Tail
  • Seed Bomb / Earthquake / Stone Edge
  • Grass Whistle
    Setting up Hone Claws allow you to get 100% accuracy on Grass Whistle and make almost every Pokemon go to sleep. The rest of the moves are used as coverage once the Pokemon is asleep.
Special Attack Sun Sweeper

Delta Noviern @ Life Orb / Choice Specs
Ability: Solar Power
Timid / Modest Nature
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Speed

  • Solar Beam
  • Flash Cannon
  • Heat Wave
  • HP Rock / Ground / Nasty Plot
    If you’re able to get off a Nasty Plot, this thing could become a formidable sweeper. Even without it, a Choice Specs set with Solar Beam hits HARD.
Other Options

I was thinking of a set where you use Growth and use Chlorophyll instead of Flower Gift. You could max 252 SpA and 252 Atk with Solar Beam and physical coverage moves like Earthquake. Kinda stupid, but idk…

Also, a defensive set could be used with Synthesis, Stealth Rocks, Toxic, and Substitute / Protect.

Let me know how I did! Thanks.

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The main problem is the typing is that it’s horrible offensively, as Noivern wants to be played, compared to the much bulkier Ferrothorn. FYI, Flower Gift doesn’t work that way, it only gives the teammates the stat boost if Noivern is on the field, aka allies in doubles. Chlorophyll and Flower Gift don’t do much for it, as its attack is horrible at base 70, and it’s special attack not much better, but it’s still 17 pts higher. Solar Power with Specs/Growth allows it to hit reasonably hard with Weather Ball, Boomburst, and Giga Drain/Solar Beam.

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ah, that makes more sense regarding flower gift. I suppose you could still run a flower gift set to boost another Pokemon’s stats and invest in defense, though its not meant for it.

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