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Analyzing Delta Driflblim

Nothing really to say, let’s get right into it!

Typing: Fire/Flying - Think Charizard. D. Drifblim has resistances to Fighting, Steel, Fire, Fairy, double resistances to Grass and Bug, as well as an immunity to Ground which is big. However, it has a 4x weakness to Rock, and a 2x weakness to Electric and Water.


  1. No Guard: All moves used against or by the Pokemon can’t miss - it fixes accuracy issues with some moves and is incredibly useful
  2. Flash Fire: Powers up fire attacks if hit by one - It already has a resistance to Fire and its more useful to bring No Guard.
  3. Vital Spirit: Prevents D. Driflblim from sleeping - Pretty much useless in Competitive

Base Stats:
HP: 150
Atk: 80
Def: 44
SpA: 90
SpD: 54
Speed: 80

Great HP, but paper thin defenses makes it pretty vulnerable to attacks. Its attacks 80/90 are mediocre at best, and a 80 speed tier makes it hard to outspeed opponents using either Trick Room or based on normal speed calcs.

Pretty good in my opinion. This thing get’s Inferno for STAB (which guaranteed will hit with No Guard and give Will-O-Wisp effects), Hurricane (again won’t miss and could pass confusion), and gets Vacuum Wave, Sludge Bomb, Scald, and Volt Switch (which is great for a defensive playstyle). It also gets Roost (which is great due to its high health), Thunder Wave, Trick Room, and Tailwind which are all good support moves.

Now, let’s get into my movesets.

Burn Passer

Delta Driflblim @ Leftovers
Modest Nature
Ability: No Guard
252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Spe

  • Inferno
  • Hurricane
  • Roost
  • Volt Switch
    Pretty basic set, hit Special attackers with the most powerful base power move and 9 times out of ten hit Physical attackers with Inferno to spread Burns. 4 EVs put into Speed to outspeed base 80. EDIT: It might be better to use 252 Base Speed EVs and a Timid Nature to get off a Roost or switch out.

Delta Driflblim @ Choice Scarf
Timid Nature
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

  • Inferno
  • Hurricane
  • Volt Switch
  • HP Ground / Vacuum Wave
Other Options

Eviolite set with D. Drifloon can work decently, but it doesn’t learn Inferno so I would prefer D. Driflblim. Thunder Wave is a good move, but it would override Burns so it doesn’t see much usage.

Pretty decent mon, lmk what you think.