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Analysed returns?

Hi guys! Sorry for not being as active as I used to, I just have things like “job” and “responsability” that I have to take care of. Anyway, I’ll try to be more productive here and just go back at Insurgence, it’s been a while since I played.

So to motive myself up, I’m going to do something nice. I think I’m going to bring back Analysed, but maybe more focused towards the playthrought instead of the competitive. Let’s face it, at competitive insurgence, I’m not really qualified enough.

So, here is my methodology.
My analysis is going to be divided in few parts: Early game, mid game and late game.

  • Early game: Starter to Mega Ring (excluded)
  • Mid game: Mega ring (included) to Tean, Kepler City (included)
  • Late game: Tean, Kepler City (excluded) to Pokemon League

I think I’m going to propose sets for each parts of the game, so one set for early, mid and late game if the options are different. The sets will consider major battles such as Rival, cults and Gym leaders. I’m also considering when the featuring Pokémon will be avaliable in a normal playthrough, so Post-Game Pokémon won’t be covered. I will create a chart of the avaliable TMs too for each parts of the game at some point.

The major battles will be considerated in normal difficulty. I would personally cover the hard mode, but since not many people play in hard mode, I’m excluding this for my analysis.

My analysis will include:

  • Sets suggestions, with EV spread, optimal nature and moveset
  • Teammates suggestion
  • Maybe some comments and strategy?

First episode will be the Elite Breaker!