An possible idea

hey… this has been bothering me for quite a while… but i’m having trouble with going online, either way, i’m playing randomizer right now, but there’s an slight issue, two mega stones are locked behind bars for me, the mega stones for Stunfisk and Spiritomb, as these are obtained through collecting 50 flag for the Stunfiskite and 100 for the Spiritombite, but you can’t go online in the Randomizer, but i have some idea’s on how you can make these obtainable for people that can’t go online! as well as mystery gift mega stones and the book of leaves and items that are hidden behind bugs!

after beating Taen in Dragon Ruins, he gives you the Stunfiskite, saying he doesn’t need it anymore, since it’s the first mega pokemon he uses against you.

this one could be found in the cult of Darkrai, there are two rooms where Seed flare can be used, in both rooms, there is an platform, on one of the two, there is a master ball, why not place the Spiritombite on the other?

Book of leaves
this could be an hidden item in the Utira Library, if you look around near scattered books in the Abandoned wing, you can find it as an hidden item!

within Nexa town, there is a guy that tells you he’s London’s younger brother (the guy in the house with the Solosis) after you defeated the Pokemon League, you can go talk to him and he’ll give you it as a reward for defeating his brother!

okay, be fair, we all know how bugged the Battle Frontier is, so my idea was, make the Jirachite a Reward for Beating Dev island, because Defeating the Devs who have LV 120 pokemon that are fully EV trained and oneofthe4rocketbros even has a Primal Arceus! getting to catch Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf as a reward is a bit… boring, for doing something as hard as that you’d need a full team of pokemon near lv 120 with great stats to defeat them all, and then a pokemon around LV 90 that doesn’t Insta-kill the Lake guardians to even attempt to catch them, getting the Jirachite as a reward from Suzerain would be a much more deserved reward. and it’s not locked behind bugs!

Miara Museum, there will be a guy there that wants something related to the ancient life (an old amber or something) if you give him that item, he’ll give you the Aerodactylite.

just make the stairs or whatever to access it, it’s in rose Crater but only Unreachable unless you have walk through Walls cheats! it’s not that hard!

Unobtainable TM’s
finally, there are a few unobtainable TM’s in the game, these can easily be added if you add them as purchasable items in the Casino or something.

that was all, hopefully one of the Devs will read these idea’s and consider them for the next update


Some of these are actually good ideas.

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The Book of Leaves idea in particular is quite interesting.