An issue with Mega Evolving

I’m trying to mega evolve my Delta Charizard. It has the stone and the game says to press Z. But for some reason it causes Charizard to attack with out going Mega. Does anyone know the solution to this?

Do you have this red Z box next to a key stone when you are in battle?

Yes there is a Z button and when I press it I’m supposed to Mega Evolve. But it doesnt

When you select your attack, what color is the Z box?

The same as your screenshot

You have to press Z so it turns green, then choose attack

When you press Z, does the box turn green?

Doing so causes Charizard to attack with whatever move was highlighted. Is there a way to change the button for the Mega Evolving?

So when you press Z, it attacks?

Yes, and it doesn’t go Mega and that’s the issue

What button do you use to run?

C or Shift

Okay so somehow you switched the “interact” button (which is by default C) and the “run/mega” button (which is by default Z). When you did this, it warned you to remember this so you should’ve remembered.

Tl;dr: Press C to mega evolve.

So how can I fix this?

Or is C the Mega Evolution button even though the game says its Z

“Keybinds referred to in the game will remain the same. You will have to remember your rebinds.”

So it will still say Z, even though you rebinded it to C.

I tried it and it works. Thanks alot

No problem.

If you want to change it back, Controls

If you want to change it back, Controls then defaults or just switch c and z again

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Do you mind helping me? I have a delta pidgeot I captured in samsamara cave as a pidgey. I recently trained it to catch up to the rest of my team (I’m currently in the city with Anastasia). I gave it a pidgeotite and I have have the mega ring but the option for mega evolving doesnt show up.v

I’ve been having the same problem and just realized that its because it’s not a “D. Pidgeotite.” Didn’t think twice about it up to now because it’s weird for the game to give you a regular Pidgeotite right after you get a Delta Pidgey, the proximity of the two events suggests you’re meant to use them together but apparently D. Pidgeotite is accessible only much later.