An idea, for Pokemon Insurgence expansion

As a person who loves pokemon, any pokemon games really. I especially love Insurgence, having just recently come back to play it yet again, again, again. But I currently feel it is lacking, where it could be so much more, it might be complete, but with pokemon sword/shield out and their new ways of releasing pokemon on the switch, could fanmade pokemon games not do the same?

My suggestion is for Pokemon Insurgence to have its own expansions, to add more to its post-game.
What I would hope to be added as an expansion to the post-game, is the Shadow Islands A place where the shadow pokemons strive, a place for the most hideous, evil and bloodthirsty pokemons, no man who has stepped onto these islands have ever survived, because here is the place the shadow pokemons live and where only might makes right, the pokemons who yearns for the destruction of all that breathes, lives and exists. Aslong as existence still is, then the shadows will continue to yearn for it to cease to be. As such, it is up to us, the third augur to show these shadow pokemons, who only believes in might, that we are the mightiest.

Another suggestion of mine would be to build upon the ‘fakemon’ in Pokemon Insurgence, for an expansion that is, as we have seen delta pokemons, who is to say that more variants of pokemons do not exist? Alongside that, is Deoxys and the UFI, both pokemons that came from outerspace, meaning there is more to space than we might think and theres potential in it too for post-game related stuff or a new region even where we travel to another planet, because something has appeared on our planet, that is not meant to be there. This is where my idea of the Heavenly Trio Islands comes in, a place where a new type of pokemon lives, the Holy-type, a self-righteous and arrogant type of pokemon and quite similiar to shadow pokemons, as they are the exact reverse of what they are. Afterall, these pokemons are only arrogant towards humans, believing that its wrong for them to be ‘pokemon trainers’ and that they should worship them. The holy pokemons are the ones who move against the co-existence of pokemons & humans.

Both the shadow pokemons & holy pokemons, will be lead by their very own unique legendarys.

The Shadow Legendary, will be the pokemon that is the source and causeof the other pokemons transforming into shadow pokemons, legendarys included. The shadow legendary came to being due to its own intense hatred, malicious intent and desire for destruction, it was once too an ordinary pokemon, until it became what it is today, the very image of evil.

The Holy Legendary, unlike the shadow legendary, does not convert other pokemons into holy type pokemons, but believes it is its duty to protect all pokemons from harm and as such, had created the paradise, the heavenly trio islands, which is three floating islands, that is continously rotating in a circle, while they are positioned to always be in a situation, where if you were to draw a line inbetween them, it would form a triangle.

My last suggestion, is based on the fact that legendary pokemons are not actually ‘one of a kind’ they are just incredibly endangered, in the ancient times there was once countless Mews, but look at the amount that are now, barely any, if only one. Our unlucky, or is it lucky player? Somehow managed to fall into a time hole, where they travel far, far, far back into a time, long forgotten by humans, as at that time, we had just barely begun to create a community, living alongside our trusty pokemons. At this time, not with pokeballs, everyone walking alongside their pokemons, partners so to say. But at the sametime, this was an age where the primal form of every legendary is obtainable, even for Mew, some would maybe even have a mega form instead of a primal form. With some legendarys, there would be multiples of them, even with new elements (based on the Delta Regi trio and the upcoming Galarian Bird trio in pokemon sword/shield). In this expansion, pokemons like Dialga & Palkia, should be capable of obtaining their primal form (they actually have a canon one, it just wasn’t ever released into any other pokemon games but the pokemon mystery dungeon ones. Atleast from what I know, do correct me if I ever misunderstood anything).

Shadow pokemons I would love to see: Lugia, Ho-oh, the trio dogs, the trio birds and Hoopa.

Those are my suggestions, and I would love to hear what other people think of it and what they would personally love to see, if Pokemon Insurgence ever gets an expansion.

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Love the ideas but the game is on a feature lock.

What would a feature lock exactly be?

The devs said they will not add anything new to the game. Everything in the game is what will stay. No more pokemon or features will be added.

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The only possible way to apply this is by creating a sequel.

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