An Attempt at a guess

So, at the beginning of the game Professor Sylvan mentions where delta species originated in, the Holon region. I’m taking a stab at this topic and guessing we’re going to goto that region after the current region’s story ends.

Probably. But we’ll see when the update gets here. T-T

No, we are not because I believe that would be violating the copyright Nintendo has and the devs want to be original so they are probably making a newer region. But they might just copy a region from another game, but they are most likely not going to put in the Holon reigon. (FYI: Delta species are not a fan made type of pokemon).

ooh, I actually had no idea that it wasn’t fan made. Are there any sources I should be aware of about delta pokemon?

It’s originally from the trading card game:Δ_Delta_Species_(TCG)

In one of the cities someone said that Brendan the hoenn champion went to the Torren region so my guess is the Torren region

Nevermind forgot the first region was the torren region LOL