Am I crazy

or are those branches intentionally shaped like Arceus?

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Yes, they are. Are they glowing in the middle?!

no. they used to be, but i put the fire out.

Would you like free deltas?

if it’s delta foongus, yes

also delta golett if you have one

Sorry, don’t have those. :sweat_smile: I got others. Any before Maelstrom 9 and Delta Blastoise and Delta Charizard

delta charizard for my delta blastoise, how does that sound?

I already have him. But you can have him for whatever

My trading name is Jordinator. I’ll go on trading when you reply.

i need to make a new thread first, hold on

Ok. That’s fine.

Can I have a Delta Ditto as a seperate trade. Please

You can have the D Charizard for free

hold on, lemme catch this ho-oh real quick, hope you dont mind

That’s fine. Have you caught it yet?

nope, haven’t even gotten to the top of the ancient tower yet. this might take longer than i think.

How long I don’t have a lot of time. Tell me how long then I’ll see if I will wait.

maybe 10 minutes? i dont know how long this quest is

That’s fine.

How long will it take though?