Am I allowed to do this?

Am i allowed to pay people to level up my pokemon to a certain level (pay as in with items and stuff) and if they scam me will i get my pokemon back?

… wut.

What do you mean “wut”?

Are you confused by the question?

First off, why would you pay someone to level up your pokemon? Why not do it yourself? That just sounds really sketchy. Second off if it already sounds sketchy it’s obviously very possible that someone could scam you out of not just your pokemon but your entire game lol, then people will just laugh at you. Please don’t do this to yourself lol

If you get to your secret base there’s a battle trainer there that you can use to level up your mons, it’s not free but it’s a helluva lot better than paying an actual person to do it. Just use him

K thx

To answer your first question, yes. If you get scammed though, I think it depends. I’m pretty sure the admins will ban the scammer but probably won’t get you your pokemon back

Just use the audino trainers