Alternate Origin/Primal Giratina Colors

I just got into the game like 3 days ago, and obviously messing with the graphics folder, renaming some items n what not, since Giratina is my favorite legendaries when I was messing around with primal I liked the whole “All typing” thing, but when I saw primal Arceus it was basically a mix of Giratina, so I thought I would do some editing and change some sprite colors. These are shiny ver, but ofc you could just rename some graphics in your folder, I just liked some colors from shiny G and it would have just wasted some time.
(the 487s Spi are the movement sprites)

487s Spi|500x500 487s 487s_2 487sb 487sb_2 icon487s icon487s_2


Wow such an amazing artwork :clap:

Ooo nice, looks epic! I might steal this for my own playthrough xD (giras my favorite legend as well :D)

Thx, that omni type ability makes him every type, so I thought just making him look more the part.