Alternate Choices

I was thinking it’d be cool if there were alternate choices in the game. A few examples are:

  1. When confronting Nyx, instead of fighting her, you could give her the crystal shards, basically betraying everyone you know and love, thus resulting in a different ending.

  2. When fighting Damian in the Dream Realm, you could give him the Gracidea Flower when he brings out Shaymin, leading him to join you instead of going off with the Old Man with Pokerus again (I can’t remember his name).

  3. Instead of giving Mew’s DNA to the leader of Perfection to recreate Mewtwo, you could refuse if you said No enough, leading to you throwing his Mega Ring back at him and yelling how he’s done nothing but ruin your life, such as hurting Damian.

Sorry for the Monologue, I just thought alternate choices like these could be cool. I encourage you to reply if you have any other ideas like these.

Unfortunately, content for the game has basically ended, basically all future updates for the game will simply be bug fixes so something like adding choices to previous events, though I’d like to put my two cents in this as an idea rather than a suggestion.

I don’t see why you would throw your mega ring back to Reukra when the amazing power it is a pretty neat tool that empowers your Pokemon, and it’s not like he can shut it off or anything, else he would have done that in his fight in the Throne of the Hegemon.

Also regarding stopping Damian from becoming an abomination like Malde, he was forcefully dragged out of the room, it wasn’t something regarding choice. Also I assume Damian already has the Gracidea, even before the events that transpire in Sonata Hills. He obtains it in it’s sky form when he gets it at Vipik Dump, but in most of his battles, (if not all, kek), he has it is in it’s land form.

Sorry if some of these sounded like nitpicks, I just wanted to give some of my thoughts on your ideas.

Don’t worry, they weren’t nitpicks, if anything thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to explain my reasoning behind the to you critiqued.

For giving Damian the flower, it wasn’t so much that he needed it, but more as a peace offering, like the main character telling him ‘I still believe with you. Please, come with me and it’ll be like old times.’

As for the mega ring, if you did never get it back, no one would ever choose that unless they’re really invested in the story. What I was thinking is that Nora didn’t get her mega ring from Perfection, so maybe after that she’d bring you to the place she got her mega ring, and you could buy another one.

I know this won’t really be added into the game, I just wanted others to here my idea and say what they think about it, so thanks again!