All delta starter

How to get all delta starter I try to trade in same system but it is showing u can’t trade with same IP so any other suggestion

Ask somebody else in #online:trading if they can get you the ones you need.

I think there is a giveaway right now with the waterfall giveaway.

Well here is one of the ways. You choose one of the delta starters as your starter. After beating the game(Elite four and Champion), go back to the Pokemon lab and challenge the professor. After winning the battle, she will give you one of the delta starters(The one neither you or Damian choose) with its delta stone. After this, challenge the elite four and the champion(Champion is a double battle) and win. After this, go to Erebus city and look around. you should find Damian( After completing the city’s Darkai post game quest) and he should give you the delta starter he choose. You can breed the Delta’s after this with a delta ditto, but I’m pretty sure it’s bugged.