All Delta Competitive Team?

I love the concept of Delta Pokémon but I’ve been having a bit of trouble using them exclusively now that I’m in the post game. Any suggestions on a competitive team makeup?

I just finished a delta-only hardmode run, so although I haven’t gotten a lot fo the post-game under my belt, I can provide some insight into what delta pokemon really clicked for me, and why. As far as it’s regarding a Smogon OU match-up, my insight might prove flawed.

*Snorlax. Pure grass type isn’t much of an advantage on its own, but with the ability “thick fat” it get’s crazy, quickly. Covering two common, big weaknesses is invaluable to a slow and bulky pokemon. Snorlax makes good use of it’s natural special bulk and a bulk-up set. If you evolve it after level 50, it gets access to play rough as well, giving it great coverage. Snorlax being able to shrug off common ice coverage of water type pokemon was extremely reliable for me throughout the game.

*Ambipom. I’m not much of a fan of regular Ambipoms niche, but i feel like delta does it better in every regard. It doesn’t need a deep movepool to be effective as its natural speed and access to destiny bond has helped me take out many large threats throughout the game. It’s relatively strong physically, and getting in a fake out here and there can help any team out. Life orb helps its non-sacrificial usages out a lot. STAB full power return did wonders for me at times, but one has to be wary of letting it die too many times and losing happiness.

*Ludicolo. This was a really strange one for me as I got it much later than intended after missing it. I like it’s design so it’s a shame. Delta Ludicolo has proven itself time and time again to me, calm minding on weak threats hitting it with high powered surfs and psyshocks. If you don’t get a chance to set up a few calm minds, i feel like this pokemon will really suffer. I happened to get a timid nature one so I ran an EV spread that allowed me to set up quickly, as well as take a few hits. I went to the move-relearner to acquire stored power than I undervalued at a time, though as ludicolo it cannot relearn the moves lombre learned. I don’t know if that’s a bug or intentional. Regardless, with some careful set-up this pokemon above all others, took on the elite four as well as the timeless trainers mostly on its own.

*Muk. With high base attack and stab earthquake, muk can deal some surprising damage. On my team, Sap Sipper was the correct choice, as it could cover my Delta Ludicolo’s electric and grass weaknesses. It can pull off some minimize shenanigans, as well as having access to a few coverage moves. I dropped muk at one point, but brought it back shortly after, and it earned its spot on my team especially when ludicolo came on.

*Bisharp. A pokemon I was fond of, but wanted to drop due to having another fighting type on my team. This thing is surprisingly bulky. With access to bulk up, and insane coverage with acrobatics and high jump kick, bisharp surprisingly dismantled Reukra. A little disappointing when i first acquired it, it scaled hard into the later stage of the game. Itemless for acrobatics, though you might find some luck with a berry or a gem.

*Scizor. Although hustle was a bit of a gamble as a scyther, getting scrappy on a massive attack stat stab close combat, was enough to convince me. Lacking in some areas of reliability, scizor can still put on massive pressure. I ran mine with a scarf, contrary to non-delta scizors. A good candidate as mega on your team as well as a set-up with stab ice shard. I felt like without technician, it might not fill the same niche regular scizor does, quite as well, so I tried something different.

*Hydreigon. Another late addition. I was a fan of its ability “intoxicate” so I gave it a try, and it performed well. Glare let’s it paralyze quite a few pokemon, and hyper voice is a great move to make use of its ability. Earth power and corrode let it deal with any steel types quite well. With good speed when invested, a good ability and powerful special stat, it’s hard to see much of a flaw in hydreigon. It’s even naturally quite bulky. Running life orb interestingly, doesn’t drain your health when making use of your intoxicate ability. You might also find some success in physical intoxicate return, as well as earthquake.

*Charizard. My mega of choice. Valuing its ability to block out other weather, and getting a ridiculously powerful shadow ball, charizard never slacked. Not overly bulky but a little fast, the mega adds 50 base spa, as well as weather increased stab that’s not commonly resisted. You might find some success with a physical dragon dancer and it looks decent on paper with weather enchanced phantom force.

I used a few more deltas, including roserade to make use of mega charizards weather, but these were the ones that stood out among the rest.