Advice for E4 and Champion

Updated team: all of team is 98
Frozone D gallade mega Lax thunder punch icicle crash protect power up punch volt absorb
Killer Nidoking leftovers Megahorn Earthquake corrode aqua tail poison point
Momma Mew item: yet to be known. hardy synchronize grass knot focus blast (6pp) taunt psychic
Axel Haxorus mega earthquake outrage dragon dance dragonify mold breaker timid
Gojira Tyranitar Armor Docile Sand Stream taunt stone edge crunch earthquake
Rogue D Charizard mega lax spirit call sludge bomb flamethrower shadow ball dragon pulse

I hope I get some more positive feed back! Also, What order should I go in in terms of the elite four to go against my team?

why do you have protect on gallade? also power up punch is not really worth it because of how frail of a type it has so Id replace both with solid coverage such as knock off/volt switch/ superpower

corrode is apretty bad move so Id replace it poison jab or another good stab poison move

its ok, although not the set I’d use

replace dragonify with a coverage move like earthquake/rock slide/ poison jab

ttar seems fine

I would reccomend not having 2 megas on your team and instead of using mega zard, using specs

Alright so something to keep in mind that I notice first glance is that the team has a pretty big Ground weakness, between Gallade, Nidoking, M-Haxorus, and Tyranitar. Something that you could use to combat that is Delta Snorlax, which combined with Thick Fat (which eliminates two of its weaknesses) is a solid contender and bulky mon. A common moveset for that is Impish, Adamant, or Careful nature, with Bulk Up, Drain Punch, Seed Bomb, and Earthquake.

Going through the team individually though, I’d remove Thunder Punch for Wild Charge on D. Gallade, since you want something with more power, even if there’s a bit of recoil. I’d also remove both Protect and Power-Up Punch. Other than that, you have a few options. You can use Swords Dance + Ice Shard, Bulk Up + Coverage (such as Leaf Blade, Drain Punch, Knock Off), or all-out offensive with two coverage options plus two STAB moves (Icicle Crash and Wild Charge).

Depending on what nature your Nidoking is, you might want to consider running mixed set, as a mixed set provides more coverage. If there was something you would remove for Delta Snorlax, I’d recommend it to be Nidoking, in all honesty. However, if you don’t want to remove it, you can add Poison Jab or Sludge Wave (depending on nature), and maybe Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, etc. as coverage options.

Mew seems good. For an item I’d probably go for Leftovers on Mew over Nidoking, and put a Life Orb on Nidoking. Aura Sphere is another option if you don’t want to risk Focus Blast’s accuracy, but Taunt will be useful for one of the Elite Four members (especially if you stick a Lum or Chesto Berry on it as its item).

For Haxorus, I’d remove Dragonify, as you just want to be hitting the opponent hard rather than changing its type. You can either run Dragon Dance + Dragon Claw / Outrage, or Swords Dance + Draco Jet. I’d also add Iron Head for Steel STAB on the Mega, keeping Earthquake is good.

Tyranitar, you don’t need Taunt on two mons. I’d replace it with Stealth Rocks or an Elemental Punch for coverage. Ice Punch could work.

Delta Charizard looks good, nothing I’d change about the moveset. If you know that you’re going to Mega Evolve Haxorus as opposed to Charizard in a battle though, I’d give it either a Choice Scarf or Specs, or maybe Assault Vest / Expert Belt to make it more of an offensive mon and less helpless when there’s another mon that’s Mega Evolved on the field.

I dont have the poison jab tm I looked it up to find it but I can’t get it i do have venoshock and Nidoking has poison point so I’m debating between those 2 moves

I tried to follow the advice from you and the other replier. What order do you think I should go in for the elite for before the champion? The elite four is just such a roadblock and I want to get pass it so I can enjoy the rest of the game. I don’t have the life orb, so is there any good item that i can put on my nidoking? he was the first pokemon I caught.

leftovers. u can buy lifeorb in the murk forest .

The inner area of Murk Forest is located west of the stone archway and requires Strength in order to access. Once inside the player will be able to access a house that belongs to a man that sells a number of rare and powerful items as well as a grotto-like area that houses Delta Shinx.

u can go in any way you want.anyway u have to battle themm all(i went kayla,eduard,london,yuki)

Choice Scarf
Pokémon Dollar200
Choice Band
Pokémon Dollar100
Choice Specs
Pokémon Dollar200
Life Orb
Pokémon Dollar200
Pokémon Dollar10000
Ability Capsule
Pokémon Dollar1000
Pokémon Dollar10000
Pokémon Dollar10000

theres a free life orb from a scout in helios city

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