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Adding deltas to the simulator

I’d love to help out and enjoy myself a little more on this simulator, so how do I? I want to add in some of the delta regis, delta volcarona, delta tangrowth, and delta chandelure.

Welcome in the Pokémon Insurgence community!

I am not a developper myself, but I heard the battle simulator developper stoped working on it and abandoned the project.

No I don’t think so because the staff on the insurgence discord are still saying that it’s still being updated.

I dont have the expertise to help but since the platform is there i assume it should be fairly easy to add the new deltas… it’s very frustrating not being able to use my delta Ambipom

Same goes for Delta Matagross

And Delta Pidgeot, too.

Lucario, too.

Please refrain from necroing old posts, IT HAS BEEN 2 MONTHS