Add All Attack SFX with Pokemon Gen 1 - 7 SFX Pack

Benefits: Pokemon Insurgence having a greater diversity sounds will enhance the battle experience!

Resource: I’ve captured over 4500 SFX, every attack from Gen 1 to Gen 7, plus Z-Moves.

Download on Dropbox:
Get on ItchIO or Google Drive:

Risk: Some of Insurgence animations may not be as long as their cart/game version, so some sounds might not fit perfectly to engine’s/code animation timing.

Risk Mitigation: Accounted for by including parts of the sound as individual sfx alongside the full move.

  • For example, Absorb attack has three parts (Starting the move, then the Draining sound, then health boost shiny sparkling sound).
  • That means 4 effects total to adjust as needed: Full Move, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Modify to fit Insugence needs or constraints.
  • Each Gen’s sfx have a different length. Team can picks whichever works within Insugence battle animations. 7 Gens so multiple to pick from to fit the experience.

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