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Adaptability Yanma/Drought Aron

Trading Name: Chinsky


Request: Adaptability DeltaYanma/Drought Aron

Further info:

Was hoping to use these two for my playthrough but saw they are only available in the post game. If anyone has a low level one they would be willing to trade it would be greatly appreciated. Also willing to assist with any trade evolutions if needed. Thank you

Yo i have a adaptability delta yanma that is level 4 is that fine?

That would be perfect thank you. What’s your trade name and when are you available to make the trade?

my trade name is lordpumpkin and im available now if you are available.

Sure am just okay give me one sec

whats your trading name?



i dont really need anything

Thanks so much man really appreciate it

no prob!

Anyone else still seeing this if you have a low level delta Aron to trade it would be greatly appreciated

i also had a aron but it was lvl 34 :frowning:

That would be totally fine with me. I am now a a little further in the game so not a big deal if you don’t mind

srry man now i have a d aggron but i can breed an egg for you and hatch it if you like?( can delta aggron breed with ditto?)

That would be awesome. Any delta Pokémon can breed with delta ditto to make eggs

i dont have delta ditto, i have a normal one, does that work?

It does not unfortunately. Delta Pokémon can only breed with delta ditto, which can be obtained through a quest. No need to go out of your way to get it, I will survive without it

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