Achilles Heel

I know this has been asked before, but I never found a definitive conclusion. Does AH hit dual-typed Pokemon for 4x damage, or is the super-effectiveness a flat 2x for any Pokemon (exluding Ghost-types and Mega Gothitelle for obvious reasons)?

It does 2x damage against dual type mons

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Got it, figured it’d be pretty stupid at 4x. Thanks for the quick response!

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No Problem. Also yeah, it would be so op if it did 4x damage on dual type mons ngl

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wait what if a mega mence used heel on a heracross

would it be 8x effective?

Well, why dont we try that out
on the damage calc probanly or in game

so i just checked on the damage calc and yes it does 8x damage. My proof? Its the damage calculator (which i hope is not outdated):

This is the damage dealt by a normal type AH on a heracross

This the damage dealt by a flying type AH on a heracross. 28.2 x 4 =112.8 (close enough to 112.9)


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