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Accidently skipped a dialogue option in the school

As stated in the title, I accidently hit no on the question in the school (midna town) if I wanted to join, and it feels like I missed some dialogue. Is is the normal “fire is weak to water, use antidote if poisoned” spiel, or did I accidently miss a lot? It’s also been a long while and multiple captures since the last save.

Goes to show how invested I am in the game xD

pretty sure you still have to find nora in the cave

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Head to Midna Mine
As the path here is very straightforward, simply head down to the second area while exploring the rest of the cave.
In Area 2, walk up the stairs leading to the top of a platform to find Nora
Which looks like this:

After reading Nora’s dialogue, leave the mine and return to the school.
And make sure to get all the items in the mine.

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Thanks, this did help!

Although perhaps poorly formulated, my question was related to the part before she points me to midna mine, so I guess the part I said “no” to was not really an option (she asked if I wanted to join, giving me a yes/no option, and I accidently hit “no”), but more of a “well, go look for nora and maybe you’ll change your mind about joining us” kind of thing.