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Accidentally killed delta pikachu need help

Trading Name: Pigzen

Offer: Feebas or delta Pokemon please nothing to extravagant


Further info:

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Would an IV stone for a modest/timid one be ok?

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Yes, when do you wanna trade

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Welcome to the community @Pigzen

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Thank you


Sure, I’m free now for about 2hrs, and then I believe later tonight (I’m in ET), so like in about 9-10 hours from this msg

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Ok, thank you

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ok im back earlier than normal and will be free for about 3 more hrs after this, so lmk
my user is hulaunicorns :))

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Sorry I had to go out I’m sorry I’m wasting your time, can we do this around a certain time, thank you in advance

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what time zone are you? I’m free from now until about 3 hrs from now (10oclock ET). We have a flight tmrw (we’re moving to the West Coast lol) so i probs wont be on at all tmrw. I’m not entirely sure about the day after that cuz we havent rlly figured out

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I can go right now, it’s 8PM where I am

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ayyy im ready now too :))

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What’s your name?

hulaunicorns. you ready now?

Yes I am

Wait how do you trade items?

is it working on ur end?

ohh, you have to give the stone to a trashmon

Yes it is

ok, try again then :))