Accepting Trainer Sprite Requests!

I made this as my sprite and I will make these for you too!You only need to ask!


so what types of sprites do you make. sorry i am new to sprite work

Custom ones including your team.So you can give the basics,what they need to wear,dress colors,and all of that.

i didn’t quite understand about the team part but can you make trainer sprites for like the evil teams in the main games, specifically team magma or maybe even the infernal cult. an another thing: can you do a different hair color from the ones that are available like maybe orange or white + my in game character is a boy so I need a boy sprite

Are you still doing this? If so, can you make my team consisting of, Delta Charizard, Kingdra, Thundorus, My Armored Flygon, Typhlosion, and Cranidos?

I don’t think the person who made this forum is still doing this. They still haven’t replied to me

Ah, ok.