Abyssal Cult Base

Hi, I’m new around here. I’d really appreciate it if someone helps me with my problem :D.

So I’ve just finished my game (version: 1.2.3, can be downloaded from the main website), and I was going through some post-game events when I ran into Damian’s quest (the one under the Abyss base). I’ve never been down there before. I have both Abyss Cultist (from Damian in Utira) and Audrey options on my Quartz Flute list but I just can’t seem to get inside. I wonder if it’s because of both events clashing each other (?). If so how can I solve it.

I’m unsure how this has happened, going to the abyssal base is mandatory to the story(unless you did the pikataxi glitch to stop it from raining). Transforming into an Abyss Cultist is the first thing you have to do, can you not open the doors?

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As I recall, when I exit the town and came back, the rain stopped and so was the flood. That’s why I was able to move to the next town using dive and continue to story without having to go to the Abyssal base

Doing that may indeed glitch out this particular event, sorry. The next patch should fix all of the current 1.2.4 bugs, including the rain one. :sad:

Thanks for the reply :grin: looking forward to the next patch, great game btw