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Hi :slight_smile: wanted to ask when are you gonna add EV training gear :slight_smile: and also other items like HPup, Protein, etc… to the shop Thanks for answers

The EV training gear like Power Anklet are available in Helios City mall, that’s right before the 3rd gym.

Hello! I was just wondering when the online feature will come back. I really want to use Blaziken! When I tried to use the friend safari feature, it just crashes and says “Script ‘Socket’ line 224: Errno::ECONNABORTED” Is there any other way to get a Blaziken beside the friend safari?

My game is not working. I downloaded it, extracted it, etc. While extracting, there were errors of files that couldn’t be extracted like tilesets and transitions, so I clicked skip. When I started the game, I got up to the new game screen, clicked new game, and it just stops responding. This seems to happen on all RXMP games such as Melanite and Obsidian. I am running Windows 10 with a fairly good built computer. Any help?

Hey im new to the whole gba roms and emulators on my pc, so i was wondering if anyone could kinda tell me how to use play this rom on visualboy, and if it cant then could someone tell me an emulator that can play this game, its not working as of now as far as i know.

how do i do the randomizer?

selected challenge run when u start a new game and click randomizer

Is the Flygon armor worth using over Mega Flygon? I bought it and I just want to know.

Assuming your music is Midi what editor did you use to make it?

Hey. Im just wondering when the 1.1.8 update comes out. Bye! :wink:

Hello !
Since 2-3 weeks, when I use the launcher I have this :

I’m french and even if I understand english, I don’t know what I have to do, what is a “build” ?
Do I have to download something ?

Sorry for my english mistakes, and congratulations for this game !