About breeding

So I’ve read the Breeding Guide in this Forum. I just have a question. I’m kinda confused. It says there

“The Hidden Ability the Pokémon have can pass from the Female Pokémon only while breeding, Male Pokémon can pass their Hidden Ability only if they breed with a Ditto.”

So if i breed, I still need the pokemon to have the hidden ability to be passed? or It also has a chance to have a hidden ability?

Hope someone can answer. Thanks

Yes, a parent needs to have HA.

ok so its impossible that the egg can have hidden ability under any conditions unless the parent have a Hidden Ability and holding an Everstone?


You are correct (everstone I’m not sure about). But Dream Mists can give any mon its Hidden Ability.

but dream mist is kinda time consuming farming. thanks for your reply. it really helped