Ability Change for Delta Greninja

Hello, Insurgence forum!

Before I explain my complaint, I want to be clear that, overall, I love the Pokemon Insurgence fangame. It’s truly inspired, and I find it more rewarding and interesting as I continue to play. So, thanks to all those who had a part in its creation and development.

However, what I dislike is regarding the fanmade Delta Greninja. As it stands, Delta Greninja has the Steadfast Ability regularly and Prankster as a Hidden. Either one, though, is mostly useless on this particular Pokemon. The problem is that Greninja is very fast (its base Speed stat is the greatest), so he doesn’t really need a Stat raise with Steadfast or priority with Prankster. By giving Greninja these Abilities, you render him worthless competitively.

My request and wish is that Delta Greninja have the Ability Solar Power. It would make perfect sense because it’s a Grass and Fire Type, both of which relate to the sun. Also, it would sync with Greninja’s sweeping capacity, his main source of worth. It can even be the Hidden Ability, and maybe the main one can be something like Early Bird, Vital Spirit, or Sap Sipper? But, please, please, please, give him Solar Power; Greninja deserves it.


Great idea, however the game is on feature lock so no new features will be added.

Looks nice, but as I see Delta Greninja, it really feels like a lower tier support Pokémon and revenge killer. Prankster can allow to set priority weather, such as Sunny Day, or act as a suicide lead for Hyper Offense that guaranties at least one layer of spikes but more often more. With Priority moves on Switcheroo, Will-O-Wisp, Helping Hand, Sunny Day and Taunt, it can act very well as an offensive support and really mess up some setup sweepers by giving them Iron Ball, Lagging Tail or other things like that.

Oh, that’s too bad, but thanks for letting me know.

Those are some valid points, but how can you say that 122 Spe., 103 Sp. Atk., and 95 Atk makes it a “lower tier support”? I get what you’re saying about Iron Ball or Lagging tail, but those seem like sweeping numbers to me. Making it a status mon seems like selling it short.

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As I said, it is a more offensive support. Upon ditching support, it just takes a more offensive role afterward or is an offensive threat with highly appreciated support for the likes of Hyper Offense or other offensive archetypes. I do agree the lack of bulk really complicate its supportive capabilities.

My bad, I see what you meant. Well, at the end of the day, I still strongly believe Solar Power would make Delta Greninja instantly better, but I’ll take what I can get. Glad to have someone to bounce ideas onto.

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Oh yeah, defenetly. Solar Power would makes it the premier Wallbreaker for Sun teams, with probably Venusaur or Delta Noivern as their sweeper.

Also, I ment lower tiers as for smogon style tiers, like UU, RU, NU and PU.