A way to get back into Erebus City?

Tryna teach my pokemon Nasty Plot.

Route 5. You need waterfall and rock climb.

Do you get those after Victory Road?


Thank you. Damn dude you are coming through so hard for me.

I mean I come through hard to most people. No problem

Got another quick question: I’m at the point of the game where I got the Hiking boots and need to go back to Gaea Town. I still don’t have waterfall tho. Do I need to just do the Holon Region arc first before continuing the Taen arc?


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Thank you.

Another question! Am I missing where Gaea Town is? I looked everywhere in the Dream World and i couldn’t find it.

Gaea town is on the torren Map, North West of Helios City.

■■■■. My bad. Idk how I missed that. Sorry for wasting your time :frowning: