A very annoying bug

I am in victory road volcano. When I exit to go to the pokemon center, it gives me a bug. What should I do?

question, what do you mean exit to go to the center. Are you trying to use teleport/fly/pikapad?

Walk out of the cave and go. But that happens in a certain tile.

You’re missing files, reinstall the game.

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Ok. Thanks. But the thing is that I reinstalled it twice but the same thing happened. Also, I was playing 1.2.3 and downloaded the 1.2.6 patch and that is where this started.

It said in the download instructions to only use the 1.2.6 patch if you had a version of 1.2.5 already. If you apply the patch to 1.2.3 then you are going to miss files that were introduced in 1.2.5. At this point you need to download the core version of 1.2.7.

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Ok. Thanks a lot.