A strange pattern I noticed

So I have been creating a spreadsheet that includes every Delta Pokémon and their locations and noticed that while getting all the Deltas in the Torren region is fairly easy say for a couple outliers, getting all the Deltas in Holon is much more of a process…

What I mean by this is that pretty much each Delta in Holon is a lot harder to get and more out of the way than the Deltas in Torren. There are puzzles and areas you wouldn’t think to find anything. You don’t go through many areas you need to go through that also have a lot of Deltas other than Grasslands, Desert, Lake and Mountain, and even then they are very out of the way through rock climb or heart swap. Delta Seedot needs you to use an electric type move around the area you find it! How would people not specifically looking for Deltas think of that?

Now obviously I am cherry picking, but Holon does have harder to get Delta Pokémon, which I think is fair, and obvious.

Anyway, I’ll update y’all on the spreadsheet. Ik there is a google doc on this and you can just go to the Pokémon Locations page, but I still think spreadsheet is better and there is nothing you can do to stop me from making it sooo ¯_(ツ)_/¯