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A return of a forgotten guy + A Hard challenge

Why, hello there !
It’s me!
The guy that stopped talk here for absolutely no reason whatsoever!
the motive to why i didn’t play pokemon and talked here in a list is:
-Having getting sick of playing pokemon
-antissocial interactives for no reason
-improve myself as a person (is working in some way)
-getting addicted to other games
-no incentive to play again

I’m sorry to everyone who was asking about me and getting worry, i hope y’all can forgive me

Getting this out of the way, in this new thread , for come back here,i will make a challenge in insurgence!
This challenge will end after i do everything story related in this game, including be champion 2 times
and it will end on the Developler battles.

What i am gonna do?
Well, i will make a gameplay on hard mode, with one simple however
I will NOT use any healing item, asside from held items (leftovers, shell bell)
and pp restores
And i only can use the pokemon center in this condictions:
-After i get a story related scene/battle
-After a battle EVERY trainer before this story related scene/battle
-Pré Gym leader, Cult leader
-Pre champion (this one will gona be hell, and of course this gonna be the only time that i wll use full restores and revives)

well, that’s it
i hope i’m gonna pass this one

Ps: I will have 4 specific pokemons on my team here
they are:
the other 2 anyone who can rotate, anyone can choose (and in can switch my mega as well for the said moments)


And here, Hard mode.

My challenge starts now.


this part of the history i will cut out, this challenge will begin after i get a starter
(witch i will ask help for to choose)


Nice to see ur back


wth, you came back like 2 days after incognito made his chart saying “I miss you” lmao

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we are in Telnor Town now
now i’m going to sell all my healing items and then head toards to get my starter


I will give a halt, cause lunch time
Tomorrow we continue this…
This gives a dejavu vibe, isn’t?

See ya


i like ur reborn playthro

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I’m glad you’re back!

yes it does

i was on all day for this :frowning:

hello again…
after 2 days without talking…
My Pc Was getting a mal function of the
“processor thermical trip”
or whatever is the translation of
“Pasta térmica do processador”
But I’m back
And hoping that my Pc doesn’t bug again like this

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And a note that i was thinking
Only not using any healing item (and stll using leftovers)
And not using a Pokemon center
Is not a realy challenge even on hard mode
I should have some punishiment every time i “black out” in the game
Write in this thread what i should suffer
For failling envery time

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At the same time
Choose a starter for me (and a opitional motive for why you are choosing this starter and this punishment)

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Ps: After i pass the champion and go for the rest of the game
I will do another thing at same time
But it is a surprise until then

Just a friendly note to everyone

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What’s the surprise

It wouldn’t be a surprise if they told you ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

The surprise is…


A surprise!
(Sorry for that, but i will not reveal until the time has come, until there, let’s focus on the challenge)


G i v e s u r p r i s e

No, have patience.

After the starter choosing and the punishment for every blackout listed
the challenge will start for real!
(You can even make a new rule,like use only 1 pokemon until the first gym, use only 2 on the second gym etc.)

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