A question about randomizer mode

Now in randomizer mode all pokemon, megas primals and even items are randomised. i remember obtaining a safari ball as one of the random items and even a sports ball once, both of which i cannot get during normal playthroughs. So, theoretically, if i were to grind items for hours, i could get a cherish ball right? And if i catch a pokemon in said cherish ball, would the pokemon count as a hacked pokemon because its in a cherish ball and wasn’t given out as an event?

Technically, yes, it is possible if the Cherish Ball is in the game files. But since you play in a randomiser, having a hacked Pokémon doesn’t matter as you already encountered many. I mean, Level 3 Groundon. Explain that.

Yeah ig but friend safaris are still open so you can transfer the cherish ball to your main save. Can confirm, I transferred 3 safari balls, 1 sports ball and 2 sacred ashes over. Wish I still had that savefile lol

That’s just a fantastic exploit! The Pokémon won’t be considered hacked if you catch it with a legit cherish ball.

Wait, for real?

Well, it’s just a theory. A GAME THEORY!



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man i really havent watched matpat in a looong time.

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oh really? :eyes: I might try for a few sport balls to hunt scizor

fair warning it is going to be INCREDIBLY difficult cuz you could get any item. GL anyways
also did you mean safari ball? cuz sports ball doesnt really match imo (other that the S ofcourse)

sport’s release animation (at least in swsh) is a green net, s matches, plus I think it just looks nice overall on scizor

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Pretty sure insurg doesn’t even have fancy animations lol. imo sports ball fits reg scizor more but yeah I can see it
Anyways I should go to bed cya

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oh my god thats freaking genius

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