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Unbeatable team in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory. Currently have a Gallantmon CM, Ouryumon, Dorugoramon, Tyrantkabuterimon, Examon, and Susanomon.

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The easiest way to beat Dragon Ball Xenoverse :
After completing the return of the Saiyans Saga, get Vegeta as your mentor. Defeat Him, and you will get Super Attack, Galick Gun.
Soon After, after completing the Frieza Saga, get Super Saiyan ( Parallel Quest 14) or Super Vegeta (PQ 16)
Then, to get your Friendship with Vegetables up, do some parallel quests with on your squad, or wear Vegeta’ Clothes.
Do this until there is a blue question mark on his head, he’ll ask you to defeat him using galick gun. Do that and he’ll give you the super attack: Finish Breaker. Then, a green qm will be on his head, telling you to get him the Z-Soul “I’m the strongest on earth” Which you can get in PQ 6 iirc. Do that, he’ll give you one of his own Z-Soul ( I don’t remember which one lmao). Then, try doing all the stuff said (wear his clothes, have him on your squad while doing a PQ) to get the last super attack he has, Shine Shot. Do all the stuff again, to get the move you actually need to just beat the game like a God. The Ultimate Attack Final Flash, after getting that move, ur rdy to complete the game in at most, an hour. Have your two ultimate attacks being Super Saiyan/ Vegeta and Final Flash. You also need to have Energy/Full Power or Maximum Charge as one of your Super Attack, you can buy energy charge, and get the others in some PQs iirc. After doing that, well, just play through the story. For newbies, to spam Final Flash, use Maximum charge to get at least three ki bars. Then, transform into a Super Saiyan and spam Final Flash like a God to beat the game.
also yeah this post is actually huge lmao

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If there are any grammatical errors, it’s, 7.35 am here , my brain’s dead sooo , yeah.

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henry stickman… YES

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i love the jojo reference



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LPPE were dumb games overall

  1. AVs. who the actual living f**k liked them
  2. the pokemon go connections were kinda dumb too

pls shitpost more about how much LPPE sucked down below.

You can’t grind by battling wild pokemon in those games.

That really killed me