A month of asking help and still nothing

So i have ran into a bug where every time i look through my pokedex i get a error message that says Scrip ‘pokemonpokedex’ line 163: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `{}’ for nil:NilClass then my game crashes does anyone have any idea what could cause this? please help me i am very far from completing the pokedex so that i can see what pokemon i am missing

i am about done with this game i have been asking for help for awhile now i made multiple post and given a new title to said post in hope that someone sees it and helps i have been checking almost everyday and still only two people have bothered to help at this point all i want to see is if my bug is unique to me or if it affects any new player who catch/see pokedex entry 163 for the first time so i think after this post and if someone still does not help i will just give up on this game i do not want to but this is ridiculous

are you just asking to see if anyone else has this problem?

I checked and my entry came up fine:

… so it might be something to do with your game download. Have you tried redownloading the game?

i think the bug is when someone catch/see hoothoot for the first time i think it is a bug with unlocking the pokedex entry so the only way to test it it to make a new character but i am still thankful for you taking your time to comment thank you

do you mean as soon as you caught it, the new pokedex entry that’s supposed to come up caused the error? If so, I can try catching hoothoot in a new save (I j started it a few weeks ago). If this is not what you are talking about, please let me know so I know what to look for :))

the crash happens after see/catching it if you open pokedex after your encounter with one it will crash 100% of the time please let me know when you catch a hoothoot and thank you for the help thus far i really do appreciate it

alright I’ll check it out when I get there and lyk if it happens. Does this mean that your game isn’t able to function because of this?

it means that i can not go into the pokedex to check what pokemon i have and what i only seen besides that i can play just makes it alot harder to complete the pokedex not knowing what pokemon i have at one point had

ah I see, thanks for clarifying!