A little late introduction

I am Egill, a very small Youtuber from Iceland. I’m an idiot but hopefully not a douchebag, and I show that by not trying to scam people off of their only Delta when they don’t have a Delta Ditto, or even legendaries. (I may seem like a scum to my younger sister but I definitely am not one online) I have quite a lot of Pokémon (I want to fill the Pokédex after all) so if you need maybe an early Delta starter, I got your back

Welcome ^^ fun fact: even though I’m from southern Europe, my last name implies that some of my ancestors were from Iceland :smiley: (ok, it’s not that funny… nor a fact per se… BUT LET ME DREAM!)

Welcome to the community man( Even though you have been a part of it for a month lol)

Let’s just say that I was technically in the community for longer than that (I took the longest pause known to mankind because it took forever to level up every one of my Pokémon to 120 before facing the e4)