A Ghost Type run

I’m considering starting a Monotype run consisting of only Ghost Types. Does anyone know how spread out ghost types are throughout the game?

CTRL + F on here for ghost and it’ll show you distribution.


Thank you so so much! :blush: Despite my avatar, my favorite pokemon type is ghost, which isn’t as common as other types, and I never tried a mono run of a pokemon game before, so this is very helpful. :slight_smile:

Yeah no prob. I like fangames and monotype is my favorite challenge type so I’ve made like 4 of these guides. Actually Insurgence has the most accessible ghost mono due to three options really early on so I think you’ll enjoy this one.

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This is actually my third playthrough of the game. My first was a regular playthrough and the other was randomized. Actually, I was kind of drifting away from pokemon before playing this game, which rekindled my enthusiasm for it. :slight_smile: