A few plot-holes

After playing through the game I’ve found a few plot-holes that I couldn’t explain. Any answer/explanation is appreciated.

  1. Jaern’s speech in the prologue happens 1 year before the game, implying Adam disappears and is sent to the Dream Realm at that time. Yet when the game begins, the player is now waking up in the Cult of Darkrai base. Implying that it either took Jaern & Persephone 1 year to capture the player character or that it took 1 year to erase their memories with Dream Eater or that they did almost nothing for an entire year after capturing them.

  2. Jaern is all but stated to kill the 2 cultists trying to assasinate him in Telnor Town via magic, yet never does anything of this sort again. Not even when he is explicitly trying to get rid of the player at the Jade Tower or later at the Crystal Caves.

  3. The Abyssal Cult encounter in the Ancient Ruins doesn’t fit the cults plans at all. A cult focused around Kyogre & the sea doesn’t seem like they would be going after a Lucario of all things.

  4. Why is the Perfection Cult able to operate nigh-flawlessly directly underneath Jaern’s base? Reukra explicitly states that Jaern’s been after him & yet Jaern never seems to realise that a cult is operating directly under his feet nor does he ever seem to check.

So, Insurgence’s writing suffers a bit as the devs changed their perspectives on the game over time. You’ll notice the beginning of the game was a lot darker in tone and also had real magic that killed people. Eventually they realized that was kinda tryhard and edgy so they largely dropped it.

  1. Pretty sure they used you to bait Adam into coming so yeah they just had you for a year. The memory erasure takes a while I guess.
  2. Guess it only works on people who’ve been defeated in battles? Yugioh rules? That’s my best guess for the in-universe explanation, though the out-of-universe explanation is that they dropped the magic thing.
  3. Could’ve been trying to collect powerful mons to secure their victory. Audrey has an Alakazam so clearly they’re not entirely dedicated to the water bit. That or it could be those specific cultists looking for more powerful pokemon to move up the ranks in the Cult.
  4. Jaern dumb. Really I don’t have a solid explanation for this, other than that maybe Jaern didn’t know Reukra was the leader of Perfection and only knew Reukra as the champion. But that could be contrary to in-game dialogue, idk, it’s been a minute.
  1. In the prologue Jaern directly states that Adam has disappeared, which implies he was sent to the Dream Realm shortly before Jaern’s speech.
  1. Reukra literally says when we first enter the Perfection Base that Jaern’s been after him for ages. So I guess there really isn’t an explanation beyond “Jaern didn’t check”.
  1. Yeah but I wasn’t sure if Jaern was chasing Reukra or if he was chasing “the leader of Perfection”. He may not have known Reukra’s identity.

yeah I’ve noticed some other plot holes myself I’ll add to this

5: for some reason We last see taen use the crystal piece that reukra picked up but for some reason zenith gets it immediatly right after the namehere segment in dragon ruins
6: adam claims that he is unable to escape the dream realm which is simply untrue due to to the creteria of escapeing being that he needs a legendary. considering his chosen is hoopa I’m pretty sure hoopa would have been able to find him within a year span if we’re to believe the player is in a dream eating coma for that long
7: nyx (a fucking terrable written character in general i might make a post over things wrong with this game) Pretty sure theres shit explainign that she and the forgotton ones can’t enter the human waorld due to them being unstable anti matter or smth. but that doesn’t explain the fucking wandering giritina cultist following your path.

About 5), doesn’t Reukra say that one of their scientists turned out to be a double agent for Zenith? So that is how Zenith gets Perfection’s shard.