A delta litwick

Trading Name: KooSKI

Offer: delta darumaka with pokerus

Request: Delta Litwick

Further info:i accidentally evolved mine without any good moves and i need it for the 8th gym

i can go grab it out of my pc my trading name is kingice33

kk im back now

my trading name is KooSKI

are you still able to trade

how good is pokerus in this game?

sorry i got it from discord already

its fine i completly forgot about the trade

Can you drop the discord link? Someone else gave me one but it was expired.

oh thats ok. how far in the game are ya? i need help with the leugue remate.

sure its https://discord.p-insurgence.com

im at the e4 first time lol the snow lady hard af


Do you still need a D. Litwick friend?

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