A Delta Eevee

Okay, this sprite is now a 120 x 120. I think this delta should be a psychic and ice/water type. I think it should be a psychic type because it could hold those snowballs/ice balls/water balls in the air that should be able to be shot. The ice/water typing is because of the colour variations that I put into it and the snowballs/ice balls/water balls are made from ice/snow/water, but I’m leaning it more to an ice type not the water because the things I added are icicle-like things.

Updated Version: Added icy water melting from eevee’s icicle horn.

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I think people need to start reading the rules and requirements for Deltas before posting their own, it would save everyone’s time from having to repeat what already has been said countless times (and the authors from wasting time on something that’s not going to be accepted).

Although the shading seems decent, that sprite is not going to be accepted as a Delta because its a mere recolor. You have to change/add/tweak bits of the original sprite and keep it consistent with the rest of the game in order for it to be considered a Delta. They’re also not suppose to be fakemon (entirely new species), but rather original pokemon who suffered genetic mutations.

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Sorry but could you give me anything that i could do to make it better?

By this I mean what could I tweak?

Sure thing. Its a blue eevee so I can deduce two things: its either an ice type, or water, or both. Why not change the ears, tail and neck fur a little to include icy stalactites, water waves or mist? Bubbles would work too but there’s already another blue delta with bubbles so it would have to go a little further to stand out.

The point is that it should still resemble an eevee (somewhat) but a different one. Examples include (but aren’t limited to) adding/removing spikes, masks, change their auras, their fur, horns, ears, etc. Let your imagination flow, people will tell you if it will work or not. :slight_smile:

Thx, I’ll give it a try

And now you understand why we don’t do another official holon dex. All the threats (including a death threat), rudeness, people ignoring our advice, and people not listening to the rules made it really hard for us to keep doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

If this includes me too ( and it obviously does), sorry for not following the rules…

actually, your case of not following them is not NEARLY as severe. You just need to find a way to make it look similar but different to eevee. Maybe icy ears, or snow floating around the body with a pile of snow fur. You can easily fix it

okay thanks for the suggestions!