A dangerous power

@demopan has shared the dangerous knowledge of how to edit the sprites in this game… I’m gonna lose a lotta time changing colors and tweaking designs!

Feel free to post any sprite edits y’all have made! I’m curious to see more while I work on other ideas I’ve had forever.

If you want to jumpscare yourself every time you battle Nora



I actually kind of dig that, I ended up saving it, heh!

Well, if you are bored, and got some spare time, I’m in need of some spriters for a Rom hack I’m making. It’ll have to be in 64x64 though, so if you wanna make some sprites in your free time, just hmu.

If you think I could be of use, then sure! I’m gonna work on a few of the ideas I have floating around in my head, and after that I wouldn’t mind helping you out.

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