A bit lost

Okay, I defeated Taen at the Alpha Temple, went to a pkmn Center and read the breaking news, but when I went to Helios city there was nothing there. Now I don’t know what to do. I did the Latios thing where he and a girl fly away and I caught Groudon. I want to catch every legendary/delta before moving to the other region. What do I do next?

Doesn’t the broadcast say to go to Utira?

Oh… Thank you. I don’t know why I read Helios… After that bit what do I do?

Did you go to the library and investigate?

I’m doing it now. I mean are there other quests to do in Torren town other than the Latios and this one?

Yes, and the Taen quest isn’t done yet.

Other than those two, is there anything else, like legendaries or deltas in the post game?

Yes, have you been to Holon yet?

For a bit, got the waterfall replacement. Anyway I will find out later if there are more in Torren. Thank you.