6th gen sprites

Im looking for the 6th gen sprites content, I searched the forum and i couldn’t find it (i probably typed in the wrong thing), I don’t know if the files were on the reddit, but would someone be able to link the description to the sprite content in the messages, that would be great.

There’s a blogspot for it, but I don’t know if giving you the URL is agains’t the rules.

i doubt its against the rules, but if it is, I wouldn’t want you getting in trouble for something as small as this, ill just wait for one of the moderators to give it to me :disappointed:

I can suggest searching on reddit more deeper. I found the sprites there.

ok ill try, thanks

Honestly I tried it and it had a couple problems with it as in female sprites were not there. And it was pretty immersion breaking when I had a 3d pokemon but was facing a static 2d pokemon.

thanks so much, will do