6IV english delta ditto(has nuetral nature)

Trading Name: IndianAnimator

Offer: title says all

Request: 2 shiny deltas with optimal nature/pokemon I want or 3 shiny delta with optimal nature random mons or masuda D ditto

Further info: pokemon i prefer are D bulba, D gard and D larvesta

If you have a masuda then you could just get a mon with an optimal nature and shiny hunt it. Plus don’t you already have the bulb and larvesta?


I could get the ralts for you but I though I gave you one.

i dont have ralts

Alright but I’ll be busy this thanksgiving so if I have time I can get you one

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well i use mew as my timid sync… lmao

I have timid ralts.

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yes that is good

But I thought you have the larvesta and Bulbasaur

Is you ditto English UK or US? Or some other type of english

US english

What atk IV does it have?

all are 31

I’ll pass then, I was looking to trade my 0 Atk IV Delta Ditto for another 0 Atk IV Delta Ditto from another region

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ok :+1:

for HP?


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i meant to say shiny deltas in my post but i edited it now it says shiny delta

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not worth it…
not for a 6iv, which you can iv stone

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