6iv Delta Volc for iv stone

Trading Name: matsilva

Offer: 6iv delta volcarona

Request: iv stone

Further info: accidently made it bashfull nature through pokepon so trading it

Are you sure you will trade a 6IV D. Volcarona for ONE IV stone?

it doesn’t have a beneficial nature, so wasn’t sure its worth more then one but if you down for 2 im down

I have 6IV EV trained modest D. Volcarona but if you really want that IV stone i can trade my username is Gustavo12231

oh why would you trade that for technically speaking worse mon without ev’s or nature lol but hey id still be down for sure, i think you were the one that actually gave that first delta larv to me a while back

user name matsilva

Im ready

id prefer the volcarona if youre offering though homie, im ready as well

I forgot to put the IV stone on it

on the mon you just traded me ? no it had one

It had it? i was gonna offer two IV stone

okay ill get a trash mon for it, i was just saying incase you were actually offering that better volc for mine in which case id just give the mon back with the iv stone lol either way tho ill bring a mon to trade for the second iv stone if youd prefer that


thanks homie

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