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4 crystal pieces?

hear me out here: you can somehow manage to get 4 crystal pieces. So, the first 3 you get after beating the timeless, we all know that, one for arceus, one for giratina, and one for regigigas. But the weird thing is, that while giratina and arceus take the piece from you, regigigas already has one, and upon catching it you end up with 4 of them, which like, probably needs to be patched.

uhh thats intentional iirc

so there’s a 4th primal reversion using a crystal piece? which is it?

There are only 3 primal reversions using crystal pieces

jus one extra and if youre in 1.2.5 or earlier, just sell one lmao, 50k is p good

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I’m in 1.2.7, and i just wanted to mention this to see if it was intentional or not, just boggles up the plot a lot when you think abt it

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true but it was never specified how many pieces the crystal broke up into. also the original crystal seemed pretty big, as big as jaern so its not unreasonable to assume there may be more crystals lie around, varying in size

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you get 3 crystal pieces from veserin of whoever he is and 1 crystal piece form regigigas because for some reason it does not take your piece

Sell an item you can’t get more of for an amount of money you can make in 2 minutes?

It’s intentional. TTar got four pieces too. Me? My game broke and I deleted it before I got to that point.

Do you have another use for it?

as steel said, wdy gonna do with it? toss it?

You could use it on another Primal if you got duplicates and wanted them to run different sets.

eh still you wont have 2 of any of the primals w/o trading. w/ trading you could also just ask for the piece. either way having more than one primal arceus giratina or regigigas is too much imo

I mean having even one of them is too much, you’ve already won if you optimize a single one of them. Having more Crystal Pieces allows you to go full God-complex megalomaniac.

lol still only 3 are neccessary. i sold 2 crystal pieces cuz i dont like using too many op mons and 100k in 5 seconds is not bad