3D sprites

Hello everyone, I am working on making all pokemon sprites the 3d X and Y sprites. The once you can find here: http://www.pkparaiso.com/xy/sprites_pokemon.php all credits to them.

Renaming all of them and creating the missing ones. Just like I now created a dugtrio mega evolution sprite for normal and shiny! http://imgur.com/a/vCCdv

Right now I am at the 100th pokemon. will post a sprites zip when finished.

UPDATE: 22/11 Passed the 255 mark, I made a zip from the Battlers folder with 255 pokemon front sprites changed and 45 full front and back sprites done, for the ones who want to test it here is a mediafire link: https://www.mediafire.com/?rmxdr7by8gpz5ap. If you want to try it unzip the zip and put the Battlers folder in the Graphics folder


Those look awesome :slight_smile:

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Oh My God… this is so awesome, why is this not included in the build… this looks awesome bro. Thank you for your time in making this…

I agree but you shouldn’t be reviving threads as old as this one, come on man

You can just as effectively express your appreciation for the thread by liking the OP :thumbsup:

I’m sorry Im just new to the forum. I just think the OP deserves much more recognition with what he did. My intentions are good. Anyways, I big thanks to OP.

I understand. Just necro posts anymore. Alternatively, you could PM the OP.

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i wish i could see them

please dont necro

the mediafire link is missing, is there someone that could share the link? i think it looks cool and i would be glad to try it

sorry for necro