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3d battler background transparency


Howdy folks.

Firstly I think it should be said the folks who made the delta sprites did an excellent job and I don’t think anyone should replace their originals before having played the game with them. That said, it is nice to be able to replace elements of the game. If you replace your sprites and menu screens and stuff like that it’ll give the game a new feel to it which is great.

Given Omicron/Zeta had so much extra stuff like that I just assumed Insurgence would have just about as much if not more. When I started looking for Insurgence specific extras of course I didn’t find much so I figured I’d try making some stuff myself. I’ve never done Pokemon or RPG Maker, but it’s not my first rodeo spriting either. I’ve done MUGEN, OpenBOR, and OpenSurge sprite work and everything with RPG Maker seemed pretty straight straightforward looking at the folders and files.

One thing I noticed while looking for alt deltas and buttons and such was loads of people in some way or another requesting 3d deltas. I’ve never created or edited an animated gif, but as I understood them they’re basically just the digital equivalent of a flipbook, so I gave it a go. I figured I’d start light and just recolor one of the old x-y 3d battler sprites released for Zeta/Omicron. I turned Scyther blue and replaced the ice delta scyther with blue 3d scyther. I figured I’d make more changes if recoloring goes well because, ya know, no one likes to waste hours on something just to find out it didn’t work and is not salvageable. I renamed the original delta and dropped the gif in then started the game and got into a fight. No problems at all. Brilliant.

Before moving onto real editing I thought it probably best to do it again at least once more just to make sure nothing funny pops up. So i picked delta grimer and did everything the exact same way. The 3d sprite I’m recoloring came from the same pack, The original 2d delta sprite i’m keeping to use later and just renaming, I’m recoloring using the same method, Hue-Saturation in GIMP. Saving the same way. Everything is exactly the same except when I’m in the game and get in a battle the background for the recolored 3d grimer shows up as white instead of the translucent it’s meant to be.

I don’t have a clue why. I was hoping someone here might.

It’s not a huge big deal. If no one can help me make 3d deltas I’ll just make some 2d alts for the 2d deltas.

thanks buds


Make sure you have an alpha channel. Go to your Channels dialogue, and make sure that besides red, green and blue a channel for Alpha exists. If it doesn’t exist, you need to add this by going to Layer --> Transparency --> Add Alpha layer.

Also, make sure that there isn’t a white background layer in your image.


Super appreciate the response.

It’ll be a moment before I can take a look, but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to offer some advice, thanks a bunch bud.